Mainspring Developers

MAINSPRING Developers focus on community, place and people. That is the core from which all real estate development, construction and creation should spring. We create special places in urban communities, at the intersection of existing architecture and places and the new or revitalized uses that foster, enhance and support communities. Responsible development must have at is core the components that allow residents to find their own sense of community and connection in the ever-tightening urban environment. By first understanding the community and its direction, MAINSPRING renovates, rehabilitates and builds properties in unique ways to serve the existing community, foster improved work/live opportunities and create lasting anchors.



Mainspring Developers has engaged Visual Foundry for the following projects ...

4 Website Projects

Backyard on Blake Website

Backyard on Blake provides for lifestyle and business tenancy services. Tenants have a cozy, community shop front feel and individuals can find a temporary desk through to a dedicated office in the Workroom which also contains a conference room. They also have several bookable event spaces. Backyard needed not just a marketing website, but a site that complemented the physical customer experience with an equally beautiful digital one. They also needed to automate their business processes in the interests of reducing cost and increasing capabilities. See our blog post for further details: It's all in the Backyard.

Rino Sidestories

The client was sponsoring an event and needed a landing page urgently. This simple yet effective website was published in under a week, beating the client's deadline!

Blue Sparrow Coffee Website

Question: How do you make something beautiful when it is so simple? Simple! the Blue Sparrow Coffee shop web site! Our client wanted something that is beautiful and delightful yet a single page and for the site to be logical and engaging. The magic of the site is is how the page scrolls. Although a single page, if feels like 4 pages as they roll over each other on scroll. Beautiful and simple!

The Orpheus Website

Leveraging our economic real estate sales website framework, The Orpheus achieves the balance for Mainspring Developers to be able to manage the property details directly in the database. For example this provides the ability to change a unit from a status of 'Available' to 'Under Contract'  and upon saving the change, it is immediately visible on the published website. Avoiding making changes that may impact the website is one of our clients' biggest concerns. This solution solves that.