PORCH Communities

PORCH, Inc. is an all-volunteer, nonprofit hunger relief organization that provides healthy food and other assistance to thousands of families living in poverty. For a variety of reasons, PORCH is uniquely positioned to strengthen the safety net for these at-risk families:
  • It makes gift-giving simple – as simple as placing a can of soup or a box of cereal on a front porch once a month.
  • It enlists the support of the entire community through a grassroots model based on neighborhood food drives.
  • It is all-volunteer, which means that just about every penny out of every dollar donated goes toward the purchase of food.
  • It communicates regularly with local food pantries to ensure their shelves are filled with foods that they need, not stockpiled with foods that they already have.
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PORCH Communities has engaged Visual Foundry for the following projects ...

A Website Project

PORCH Communities

This site is actually a network of websites. With PORCH growing and other communities also wanting to adopt the PORCH model for hunger relief, each PORCH Community have their own website, can update and manage all the content on their own yet the integrity of the site and brand is retained. Internal features such as forums enable communications between the communities.

3 Photo Portfolio Projects


PORCH's Annual General Meeting for 2017 held are the beautiful Chapel Hill Public Library, this photoshoot attempted to capture the energy and feel of the meeting.

PORCH Photo Shoot

Photo shoot of the monthly PORCH Chapel-Hill Carrboro Community food sort which is used to separate food donations for distribution to food support pantries. Visual Foundry supports PORCH via providing website capabilities and digital media content.


The art of the portrait is to find the angles that draw the viewer to the subject. Do these photos achieve this goal? You be the judge!

2 Video Projects


PORCH isn't just another charity. PORCH isn't just people wanting to help. PORCH isn't just about feeding the hungry. PORCH isn't just about some volunteers. So what then is PORCH?