Silvestri Design

Leslie Snyder, founder and owner of Silvestri Design Group is a passionate, energetic and innovative designer who brings not just a unique eye to design, but context and project management skill to a complete real estate project. Their portfolio covers residential to commercial, renovation to new properties.



Silvestri Design has engaged Visual Foundry for the following projects ...

4 Photo Portfolio Projects

Chapel Hill Luxury House

The project is not only a portfolio project but images will be used to help with selling the property. A mixture of drone (for external elevations) and started photography was used for the project.

Naples Real Estate

Two properties in Naples, FL owned by Silvestri Design were photographed for the purposes of demonstrating their portfolio and to provide stock content for letting purposes. The image style sought is more of a documentary approach.

Silvestri Family Reunion

The family wanted to remember a great re-union.

House Light

This collection, supports the sale of a real estate project that had just completed renovation. The shoot took place as the property was being prepared for an 'open house' to show local agents for listing. The collection moves away form the traditional approach to provide a more emotional connection to the property through the use of light, texture, reflection and other creative elements such as image depth-of-field.  

2 Video Projects

Chapel Hill Luxury House

beauty video capturing the luxury of a house in Chapel Hill. The video will be used as part of the asset set used to sell the house.