Two New Websites, Two Different Goals

We’ve recently published two exciting new websites!

  1. Arcato Laboratories – an exiting research and development start-up seeking to leverage their website to drive investment into the company
  2. Creative Camps – A summer camp provider with an exciting fresh approach to camps that differentiates them from the competition

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The New Year Ahead

buildOver the break we’ve been busy! A lot of new capabilities and functionalities have been added to the website to improve processes and customer access to information and their content. The new features added have been:

  1. On-line signatures for contracts
  2. Production Crew call on-line forms and other related documents
  3. On-line payments (we just took our first live project deposit! Yippee!)
  4. Collaboration spaces for video post production, customer previews and assets management are active

Wishing all our customers a Happy New Year and hopefully with these new capabilities, a more productive one too!




The Glenaire Foundation

We’re delighted with our latest project profiling the Glenaire Foundation which enables retirement community residents to continue to stay even if they run out of funds. As we discovered, it’s much more than a fund, it’s part of Glenaire and the Presbyterian Homes culture and DNA. We wish Glenaire every success through the use of this video to promote awareness and interest in becoming part of the Glenaire Society through donating to the foundation.

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Farewell David

Our good friend David Hester passed away today. We, and the world, wasn’t ready to say goodbye just yet. We grieve. I’m just glad we managed to do a video tribute to his career … even though it doesn’t cover his life.

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Announcing: Visual Foundry!

Today we’d like to formally announce Visual Foundry ( Visual Foundry is a response to our customer demands and consists of three key products (services): Web, Photo & Video. Customers want some or all of these services and they don’t want to have to shop around.

Visual Foundry is the merging of Visual Web Foundry (our former web site publishing brand) which will disappear and Southern Lantern Films (our film making and video brand).

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Vision for our Customers

Customers have been asking about what kind of features to expect in future with Visual Foundry. Here is a list of the kinds of features we are working on! When customers log in, they will have access to a wide array of features and capabilities including a dashboard which provides them access to all their services and account.

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