Real Estate Real Emotion

The use of drone footage for real estate selling has been around since drones became mainstream and although we’ve also added these capabilities, drone video adds yet another capability to our portfolio. We now have a complete portfolio of digital content services available to real estate agents and developers.

The value we bring therefore is hard to beat. We are able to add consistent messaging across all the platforms to provide target audiences with professional, key messages that all help support the overall goal e.g. sell the property!

Big savings for our customers are also to be had as we can be far more cost effective. Combining productions for example means pay once but get multiple results e.g. one camera op is able to obtain both still and video as in the example above.

The real estate portfolio for example looks like this:

  1. Drone video: View the ‘Luxury House’ result here
  2. Still images: View the ‘Luxury House’ result here
  3. Customer Video:  <not used for the ‘luxury house’ project>
  4. Web site: <not used for the ‘luxury house’ project>