We take photography to an art form. Photography is an amazing visual tool that when done right, captures the imagination of the viewer and draws them in. Every image should tell its own story that when put together as a portfolio, becomes a journey. Visual Foundry has you covered with all kinds of photography. We should for many purposes including

Creative Elements

Quality photography requires more than just a ‘good eye’. Our photographers are expert in the art of photography including the use of devices and techniques such as the following:



In the visual arts, lighting and the artistic application of light is everything.



Often what you don't show is as important as what you show. Cropping re-aligns the viewers eye.



Every component in the shot, position of the camera is key. It's all part of the story your image is telling.



Use of Focus directs the eye. Blurry backgrounds help separate the foreground subject and add depth to the image.



Strong telephoto compresses the content drawing layers together eg make a mountain huge! Wide angle gives a sense of space.



Leveraging digital tools to develop the story within the image. This helps improve the feel and develop the art.

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Paul & Ginger Bauer
Paul & Ginger
Thank you Visual Foundry for paying such close attention to presenting our art in a sensitive way, accenting the subtle esthetics with the clever use of lighting showing our work at its best. This is a great advantage for us presenting our work moving forward.