PORCH Communities

Visual Foundry is proud to be the web-site provider for PORCH Inc! This work is also part of our community give back so costs are kept at extremely modest levels in the interests of supporting and promoting this amazing non-profit organization which has become a movement! To learn more about PORCH, visit their website or watch the video

Getting Started with PORCH

If you are a new PORCH Community, congratulations! Please read the information here and click the button at the bottom of this page to get started. As part of their contract with PORCH Inc, new PORCH Communities are to utilize this PORCH Community website service and are not to design their own website. So, let’s get started!

Overview and features

Although PORCH Inc is a national organization, it consists of ‘Communities’ which are the ‘operational’ groups of PORCH usually consisting of a town or city location. Each Community has 1 or more neighborhoods. The websites are set up accordingly:

  • Master site at https://porchcommunities.org
  • Each community has their own independent site https://[community name].porchcommunities.org

Each community site is feature rich including the following:

  • Content Management – The site is a database with the owners of the site able to manage all their own content and site information including
    • Overview information
    • Neighborhoods & coordinator content information
    • Sort instructions and dates
    • Donation history & reporting
    • PORCH Programs
    • Volunteer roles & how to get involved
    • Suggested foods
    • Other organizations including Recipients and Partners
  • Communications including:
    • Newsletters to subscription lists
    • Press releases
    • Events
    • General news
  • Communications sharing (eg post a news article and have it also pushed to other communities of choice including PORCH Inc at a click
  • Photo galleries
  • Social media including:
    • Sharing
    • Auto-posting (eg post a news article and have it automatically propagate to your social media accounts)
    • Hashtags
  • Donations: On-line payments
  • 503(c)(3) details
  • Custom short-codes. eg place  in any text to display the communities social media icons or [next-sort-date] to display whatever the date is for the next sort date
  • Internal on-line Forum to be able to share best practice or pose questions to other communities
  • Dashboard with ‘how to do’ video tutorials (see videos here)
  • Responsive site so that it retains full functionality and usefulness on any device
  • Google Analytics: see how your site is performing, who is viewing pages and posts etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization: ability to improve your site performance when people search for content right to the page level

Site Structure

The following outlines how the PORCH Structure is laid out.

PORCH Communities main site
Community Directory
Landing Page
For new communities aren’t yet
ready for their own website
Community Site
For established communities who
need their own site
Screen-Directory Screen-Directory


Getting Started

If you wish to start a PORCH Community, please contact info@porchcommunities.org. If they have provided you a login to our site and asked you to visit this page to proceed, please click the button to get started!



Video Tutorials

These videos will help you to perform the functions on your website. They’re also available on the dashboard of your new website.

Web Site Overview

Web Site Administration & Configurating

Web Site Events

Web Site Newsletters

Web Site Administrator Overview

Web Site News

Web Site Press Releases

Web Site Galleries