50 Fifty Promo Video

About This Video

This video is primarily for use the the sales promotional website. The goal was to demonstrate not only what was different about the building, but by looking at the project through the eyes of the architects, to understand and appreciate why this project will be different than the average building. The goal being to help drive prospective tenants to appreciate the value of this building over other alternatives. Because the building is yet to be built (actually they have yet to demolish the existing building), the video makes extensive use of graphic renderings to help visualize the narration.




Key Features


Motion Graphics

This video utilizes motion graphics to help elevate the feel.


Lens Effect

Uses telephoto lenses to compress the foreground to the background making foreground objects appear larger against their backgrounds and/or wide angle lenses to increase the drama of space


Web Marketing

The video was created to promote the organization to the general public via a website