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About This Site

Backyard on Blake is more than just a property developer website, it is the beginning of a lifestyle movement within an entrepreneurial environment. The property is a renovated former warehouse with associated use of outdoor areas and a new adjacent building. The website is coupled with social media networks in driving interest and enthusiasm for not just sales, but a community movement.
We needed a website up quickly and turned to Visual Foundry to put together our first site with key information and functions during our initial build out and leasing process. They linked all our social accounts and provided an easy mechanism for us to link press releases and blog updates. The site functioned well, they updated anything immediately upon request and it was extremely good value. We are using Visual Foundry again to do our next generation site.Fiona Arnold, Principal



Key Features


Cloud Hosting

This website is hosted in the cloud improving performance by situating the site closer to the site visitor


Content Driven

The Site Owners are able to add and remove content via an admin menu



The responsive web site adapts to the form factor of the device to ensure readable and interactive layout


Social Media Integration

No time for social media? Post your news and have all your social networks update automatically.


Marketing Optimized

Search Engine Optimized (SEO), analytics dashboard.


Integrated Email

Email capabilities integrated into the website. Guaranteed delivery using industry benchmark practices