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A digital customer experience to rival the physical one.


About This Site

Backyard on Blake provides for lifestyle and business tenancy services. Tenants have a cozy, community shop front feel and individuals can find a temporary desk through to a dedicated office in the Workroom which also contains a conference room. They also have several bookable event spaces.

Backyard needed not just a marketing website, but a site that complemented the physical customer experience with an equally beautiful digital one. They also needed to automate their business processes in the interests of reducing cost and increasing capabilities.

See our blog post for further details: It's all in the Backyard.



Key Features


Cloud Hosting

This website is hosted in the cloud improving performance by situating the site closer to the site visitor


Content Driven

The Site Owners are able to add and remove content via an admin menu


Integrated Email

Email capabilities integrated into the website. Guaranteed delivery using industry benchmark practices


Marketing Optimized

Search Engine Optimized (SEO), analytics dashboard.


Member Site

Members can login to perform internal functions



Integrated shopping experience



This site has integrated, AJAX capabilities. e.g. change something on the page and automation occurs without having to resubmit the page (i.e. no page flicker).