ISTA Theatre Festival

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November 2012, the Canadian International School in Singapore hosted the ISTA Middle School Theatre Festival. The event was also attended by visiting schools across the region, This movies follows the journey of this incredible 3 day experience through the eyes of those who participated.
Visual Foundry produced a 30 minute film documenting the ISTA festival process as experienced at the Canadian International School in Singapore in 2013. Throughout our 35 year history I can honestly say no other film has captured the ISTA experience as richly or as accurately at they did. With footage from all festival groups (students, artists, teachers etc) and a comprehensive approach (ie all elements of the festival were included) we have a film that we can now show to anyone in the world that beautifully captures what ISTA is all about. Visual Foundry worked professionally, they listened, they were efficient and a delight to work with throughout the entire process.Sally Robertson, Chief Executive Officer




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