The Glade

About This Video

Glenaire Retirement Community's adult day care center: The Glade, caters to the needs of early onset dementia and other related memory illnesses. It serves the needs of both sufferer and their carers. This story follows the experience of two of the participants as they experience how the Glade changes their lives.
I loved working with Greg and his crew. They were exceptionally professional, friendly and knowledgeable of the type of clientele that were the subject matter of the film. We wanted a short, creative video explaining the frustrations that caregiver’s of those with dementia experience. They created an absolutely beautiful, heartwarming and informative video that touched every single person who viewed it. The experience was one of the highlights of my career in the geriatric field and I feel proud to have such quality filmmakers in the triangle area. I have lived in Los Angeles and this is the type of quality that one often finds in the huge metropolis areas that are known for filmmaking.Karen Walker, Director, The Glade Adult Day Center