Walking Classroom Training

Topic 01 - Overview

Topic 02 - The Rationale

Topic 03 - The Science

Topic 04 - Theory (Teacher Version)

Topic 04 - Theory (After School Version)

Topic 05 - TWC & Hepa Standards

Topic 06 - The Content (Teacher Version)

Topic 06 - The Content (After School Version)

Topic 07 - Character Counts (Teacher Version)

Topic 07 - Character Counts (After School Version)

Topic 08 - The WalkKit Setup

Topic 09 - The WalkKit Device

Topic 10 - Planning

Topic 11 - Backup Plan

Topic 12 - The Walk

Topic 13 - Organization

Topic 14 - Communication

Topic 15 - Implementation (Teacher Version)

Topic 15 - Implementation (After School Version)

Topic 15 - Implementation Methods

Topic 15 - Implementation Pre-Walk

Topic 15 - Implementation Post-Walk (Teacher Version)

Topic 15 - Implementation Post-Walk (After School Version)

Topic 16 - Supporting All Learners

Topic 17 - Behavior

Topic 18 - Timeline

Topic 19 - Resources

Topic 20 - Summary

About This Video

The Walking Classroom had a need to educate users of the program on all aspects including the the program itself, best practice, to do and not to do, technology, safety etc. Rather than go with a more standard approach, they ask us to produce simple yet on-target videos with narration that supported the learning objectives. These videos were then embedded into an on-line training system which included testing for learning etc.




Key Features



This video has been created for the purposes of training and education.


Motion Graphics

This video utilizes motion graphics to help elevate the feel.


Use of Green Screen

Using a green screen enables a filter is placed to remove the green thus revealing a layer behind to complete there scene