How to Use Video

Creative Elements

Quality video (digital film) is more than just ‘point and shoot’. Our directors & crews are expert in the art video and audio including the use of devices and techniques such as the following:



Story, story story! If there's no story, there's no meaning and no one wants to watch no matter how spectacular the video is. Story is EVERYTHING!



Motion is just still with a dimension of time. Understanding how to use time & timing in support of the story is key.



Sound is key! Without quality sound, no-one can watch your video. The sound-mix builds the atmosphere in which your story unfolds.



In the visual arts, lighting and the artistic application of light is everything.



Every component in the shot, position of the camera is key. It's all part of the story your motion video is telling.



Use of Focus directs the eye. Blurry backgrounds help separate the foreground subject and add depth to the image.



Strong telephoto compresses the content drawing layers together eg make a mountain huge! Wide angle gives a sense of space.



Leveraging digital tools to develop the story within the motion video. This helps improve the feel and develop the artform.

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Walking Classroom Training
Visual Foundry: you are TRUE professionals and artists, and we sincerely appreciate all of your efforts in helping us create this incredibly crucial piece of our program.
Sally Robertson
Chief Executive Officer, ISTA
Visual Foundry produced a 30 minute film documenting the ISTA festival process as experienced at the Canadian International School in Singapore in 2013. Throughout our 35 year history I can honestly say no other film has captured the ISTA experience as richly or as accurately at they did. With footage from all festival groups (students, artists, teachers etc) and a comprehensive approach (ie all elements of the festival were included) we have a film that we can now show to anyone in the world that beautifully captures what ISTA is all about. Visual Foundry worked professionally, they listened, they were efficient and a delight to work with throughout the entire process.
Christine Cotton
Director, PORCH Communities
PORCH could not be more pleased with the promotional video produced by Visual Foundry. The end product exceeded our expections, the process was efficient and straight forward and our target audience continues to be moved to action after viewing the film online.
Fiona Arnold
Principal, Backyard on Blake
Backyard on Blake Video
We were looking for a video to play on a loop at an event opening and were thinking a bunch of stills linked together, but Visual Foundry went way beyond our own imagination and produced an awesome piece tying everything together with an incredible visual theme and look and feel that was right on.
Karen Walker
Director, The Glade Adult Day Center, Glenaire Retirement Community
The Glade
I loved working with Greg and his crew. They were exceptionally professional, friendly and knowledgeable of the type of clientele that were the subject matter of the film. We wanted a short, creative video explaining the frustrations that caregiver’s of those with dementia experience. They created an absolutely beautiful, heartwarming and informative video that touched every single person who viewed it. The experience was one of the highlights of my career in the geriatric field and I feel proud to have such quality filmmakers in the triangle area. I have lived in Los Angeles and this is the type of quality that one often finds in the huge metropolis areas that are known for filmmaking.
Steve Toll
Director of Music, ComForcare Senior Services
Joyful Melodies
The impact of the video that Visual Foundry produced for us so positively impacted our business, that we now have engaged them for multiple followup projects.