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Our Value


Project Management

We manage projects. Know exactly where things are at and when to expect. We pride ourselves in project management.


Best Prices, No Surprises

Our philosophy is to drive our costs down but then pass on to our customers. Why should you pay more?


Any Device

Everything we do works on any platform: Computer, Tablet and Smartphone!



We pride ourselves in how we communicate. We proactively answer your questions and concerns without the fuss.



We keep our commitments.


Account Management

On-line account management. Pay bills, shopping cart.


Our Customers Love Us

It's about you. We take care of everything yet without a heavy price tag!


We've Got You Covered

Relax and enjoy the process!

Our Coverage

Our services cover all US Mainland states, Canada and Hawaii

If we're not in your location, we leverage qualified local production crews or photographers through our vast resource network to ensure we pass maximum savings to you.

Project Management



The most important aspect of a project is understanding what the customer is needing and how to meet that need in a way the exceeds expectation both in terms of quality result and lower cost.



The only surprises we want to give our customers are good surprises. Everything we do is scheduled and timings are clear to everyone.



We optimize production to ensure the best possible result. If customers have multiple projects, why not produce them simultaneously to pass on lower costs to our customers?



While we pride ourselves in our work, ultimately the customer is the judge. Our customers always have their voice in the final result.



Delivery to (or better!) than expectation in terms of quality and time is what we live for!



We pride ourselves on our support. Whether it's a change to a web site or access to video material, we proactively avail our customers.

    Our Customers

Walking Classroom Training
Visual Foundry: you are TRUE professionals and artists, and we sincerely appreciate all of your efforts in helping us create this incredibly crucial piece of our program.
Jon Dwight
President, Invent Development Partners
Backyard Residences
We needed a clean yet sophisticated website for a real estate residential project in a short period of time. Visual Web Foundry designed an amazing website that went way beyond my expectations for a very reasonable price
Alicia Hendricks
Creative Director/ Owner, River North Workshop
River North Workshop
We are incredibly happy with Visual Foundry. We now have a fast, reliable, professional product that we are proud of!
Paul & Ginger Bauer
Paul & Ginger
Thank you Visual Foundry for paying such close attention to presenting our art in a sensitive way, accenting the subtle esthetics with the clever use of lighting showing our work at its best. This is a great advantage for us presenting our work moving forward.
Chris Willett
Partner, Beemer, Hadler and Willett
Beemer, Hadler & Willett
Visual Foundry did a fantastic job on all aspects of expeditiously creating our website at a very reasonable price.  They were truly a one stop shop for all that we needed and we would highly recommend their services!
Fiona Arnold
Principal, Backyard on Blake
Backyard on Blake Website
We needed a website up quickly and turned to Visual Foundry to put together our first site with key information and functions during our initial build out and leasing process. They linked all our social accounts and provided an easy mechanism for us to link press releases and blog updates. The site functioned well, they updated anything immediately upon request and it was extremely good value. We are using Visual Foundry again to do our next generation site.
Christine Cotton
Co-Founder, PORCH Communities
PORCH Web Site
Deciding to work with Visual Foundry was one of the best decisions for our organization! Their customer service is top-notch - the quality of their work, the high value and incredible speed is beyond compare. We are thrilled the results and would choose to work with Visual Foundry again and again!
A. Derek Roberson
Partner, Roberson Law Firm
Roberson Law Firm
Visual Foundry has been a pleasure to work with! They helped us evaluate our web-related needs and then created a wonderful up-to-date and responsive website to meet those needs, all at a reasonable price. Visual Foundry's staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and prompt and efficient. We have enjoyed working with them and appreciate their ongoing help in managing our site and our related needs.
Sally Robertson
Chief Executive Officer, ISTA
Visual Foundry produced a 30 minute film documenting the ISTA festival process as experienced at the Canadian International School in Singapore in 2013. Throughout our 35 year history I can honestly say no other film has captured the ISTA experience as richly or as accurately at they did. With footage from all festival groups (students, artists, teachers etc) and a comprehensive approach (ie all elements of the festival were included) we have a film that we can now show to anyone in the world that beautifully captures what ISTA is all about. Visual Foundry worked professionally, they listened, they were efficient and a delight to work with throughout the entire process.
Christine Cotton
Director, PORCH Communities
PORCH could not be more pleased with the promotional video produced by Visual Foundry. The end product exceeded our expections, the process was efficient and straight forward and our target audience continues to be moved to action after viewing the film online.