Your Website’s Security

The media has been in a frenzy after last week’s WannaCry ransomware attack. This again re-inforces why we take security so seriously with our customers’ websites at Visual Foundry.

Here are some of the key features our customers enjoy:

  • Enforced encryption – Although you may think you have nothing on your website worth ‘stealing’, unfortunately there is enough electronic vandalism out there and much of it perpetrated by bots that hunt and exploit site vulnerabilities, that no site isn’t facing some kind of risks. All our customers’ sites are encrypted using banking level encryption. This means no data including passwords ever pass to your site in clear text. This encryption is indicated by the ‘https’ (s for security) and even if the site is visited with http, it will be forced over to https whey the site and the visitor’s browser will establish and encrypted session before any transactions start taking place
  • Constant Updates – We constantly update our customers’ websites with the latest software versions as they are released to ensure any vulnerabilities that vendors may have discovered and fixed in their software releases are closed. WannaCry for example exploited a known vulnerability in older versions of Microsoft Windows in order to encrypt the victims hard drive and threaten to corrupt the files unless a ransom was paid.
  • Constant Backups – All our customers’ websites have their databases (where applicable) backed up each night and the site undergoes and full backup weekly.
  • Password Protection – For some of our more ‘at risk’ sites such as home control websites, we have two-factor authentication required. i.e. when someone is wanting to log in, the user also has to enter a key that is supplied via email or be approved by a digital key. In all cases, a strong authentication password is required where authentication is required.

Interested in knowing more about digital security? Here are some resources that you may find helpful: