Our Latest Addition!

Visual Foundry welcomes Hoda Memar to our team! Hoda will take on the role of Communications Director and will be leading project management, communications and project QA for our customers. This role fulfills a key part of our strategy in building our customer experience to the next stage

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Making Fun Happen

What a fun project! Backyard on Blake asked us to put together a teaser video to help them convey the diversity of opportunities that their tenants provide to the lifestyle of RiNo residents. The video has been embedded on Backyard’s homepage.

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Real Estate Sales Website Momentum

We have just launched a new website for ‘The Orpheus’ (https://theorpheus.info). This websites a framework we have developed for customers who require fast site development, a common method of maintaining content and an economic price point.

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Not just a Commercial Building!

We completed our first large commercial building website! This is a first for us in that although it is sales focused websites aren’t new for us, the leasing angle on sales is which means the site will have an ongoing life which is very exciting! We obviously hope that our website plays a key role in the customer’s success!

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Home Control

Yes, not automation, control! These days home automation is very popular with all kinds of vendors selling gadgets and “ooo! i can control the color of a light bulb from my phone!” … really? Want to show all your friends who also have the same? What’s the point? What we really need is all this technology adapted and aligned to our lifestyle. Even voice control … really? use my voice to switch something on instead of the wall switch? Why can’t the house know what I want and when I want and make it happen WITHOUT me even having to say it. Now that’s WAY SMARTER! So the question then is how to use the opportunity to leverage the price points of this commodity technology yet harmonize it in a sophisticated and meaningful way which is only available from ultra-high end (i.e. expensive) home integration companies.

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First Drone Flight

Visual Foundry finally took the plunge and purchased a drone. We plan to start using for some our our real estate projects. Actually we purchased it six months ago however there is such demand it only arrived last night.

What caught our attention was not only the amazing collision avoidance and stabilization systems (4 cameras) and the amazing intelligence (24 x processors) but its incredible compact size. It folds up and fits into the palm of your hand! Perfect for all our field trips and filming in hard to get to places!

Today I took it for a test flight and dropped together a quick video. Obviously a lot of improvement in piloting and camera control skill yet to come! Enjoy!

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